Harbour View Apartments: Our workers are very pleased with the degreaser, Splash Max, because of its diversity. We use it as a carpet cleaner, we use it on the kitchen appliances, bathroom walls and tile. It even removes oil on concrete surfaces, and much more! It has a clean fresh scent that is not overpowering. It is an outstanding multipurpose cleaner! I am also very pleased with Reliant Chemicals' service policy which guarantees two-day delivery.

KSB Investment & Management CO: I take my cleaning chores very serious and I am very pleased with Splash Max! I love how well it cleans the carpet throughout the building. One unit had a heavy cigarette smoker and the shower surround walls had a heavy yellow film on it. We took Splash Max and sprayed it all over the walls and the smoke film began to just roll down the shower walls. With a little scrubbing and a rinse, the walls and grout was brought back to life. I truly recommend Splash Max as a great all-purpose cleaning product.
Sincerely, Mona Todd